Have you ever wondered...

              How children learn to read, write and draw?

                         How they process objects? faces? emotions?

                                   How their brains change as they learn?

The Cognition and Action Neuroimaging Lab has on-going behavioral and fMRI studies which help answer these questions.  The MRI is a completely safe research tool for children*. We make the studies fun and rewarding, so both children and parents enjoy coming to our lab to "play a game," "be a scientist," or "take a ride in the spaceship" and most come back again and again to participate.


We recognize we could not do our research without willing children and parents!  As a thank-you, all subjects receive a gift for participating: either a toy, t-shirt or book. Children who participate in our fMRI studies also receive a $20 gift card, small gift and a CD full of pictures of their brain.


Parking for participants is free behind the Psychology Building in the 11th and Fee Parking Garage (709 N. Fee Lane).  A Research Assistant will meet you and your child in the garage to escort you in the building. We strive to make the experience easy and fun for both of you!

So, your child wants to be a child scientist, now what?

-Email our lab manager, Shelley Swain at

-Call the lab at 812-856-7237

-Complete our online participation form to be added to our subject database

*Do you have additional questions about fMRI scanning safety?


      Read our "What is fMRI?" brochure or visit:




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